Stop the Cycle of Violence

New Dawn Syndicate Terminator Drone
Cost: 16,500 credits
Speed: 2
Armor: 5 points
Hit Points: 20
Crew: 1 remote operator
Tech Level: 4
Damage: 4d6+4 sync-firing twin heavy machine guns

The NDSTD is a remote-controlled hunter-killer drone usually deployed against urban targets by pairs of operators. Fast and agile, the NDSTD resembles a rider-less motorcyle sporting side-mounted sync-firing heavy machine guns that burst fire from internal magazines holding 50 rounds per weapon. The NDSTD is equipped with secure transceivers, on-board navcomp for terrain mapping, and low-light video feed. The unit can be controlled by a standard comm server (price not included). Remote operators use Vehicle/Land and Combat/Gunnery for most tasks while wearing virtual-reality helmets and data gloves (helmet and gloves included with purchase of unit).

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