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I’m slowly starting to prep for OwlCon 2013, whereat I’ll be running “The Derelict“, a sci-fi/horror adventure taking place on a long-abandoned spaceship. Obviously, I need a spaceship map. You might need one too. If so, do what I did, and check out 0 hr art & technology. Digital artist/graphic designer Ryan Wolfe puts out some top notch PDF fantasy maps and starship deckplans. But don’t take my word for it. Click on the link above and check out some samples.

Let’s look at one spaceship, Future Armada: Misfortune, in more detail. The unpacked download includes seven PDFs and an Art folder. In this folder are 10 JPEG images. That’s a hunk of stuff for $7.50.

The PDFs

In order as shown on the screenshot, you get the following:

1. A printer-friendly, 64-page set of black-and-white deckplans that can be printed and used as battlemats.

2. A 64-page set of full color deckplans that can be printed and used as battlemats.

3. A 9-page document in full color that shows the layouts of the different sections of the ships in relation to each other. “These are meant both to provide an overview of the areas and to help guide the assemblage of the individual pages,” writes Ryan Wolfe.

4. A 29-page color document that details the history, features, and suggested game uses of the spaceship. This also includes d20 System stats for the ship’s crew and the ship itself.

5. A 14-page, printer-friendly set of black-and-white deckplans for the Sherpa and container maps.

6. A 15-page, color version of number 5.

7. A 10-page, color document detailing the features of the Sherpa, a small freight hauler. The PDF ends with d20 System stats for the Sherpa’s pilot.

Also, every PDF is bookmarked. Bookmarking is a simple feature to include in a PDF. (It must be simple; I figured out how to do it.) Every professionally published PDF should be bookmarked (including the free ones).


The JPEGs are mostly in-action shots of the spacecraft doing what they do: flying through space, landing, et cetera. These are great for use of visual aids for players and GM alike. Also included is an interior map. Ryan Wolfe writes, “If printed out at 150 dpi, this will yield a miniature-scale map which is 32 x 64 inches. An oversized printer would be required in order to do this.”

Closing Thoughts

I strongly recommend 0 hr art & technology‘s products. Ryan Wolfe does great work, packing a helluvalot material into each product. If you’re planning to run (or are already running) a sci-fi game, I can’t see how you’d go wrong with 0 hr art & technology.

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