Coming Down the Road

December 13: Issue I of Quid Novi? hits subscriber in-boxes. New issues follow every two weeks.

January: Fencing & Firearms release for Quid Novi? subscribers only. F&F retools elements of 3.5 OGL combat to speed up gameplay while at the same time giving players more options. It also includes matchlocks and flintlocks.

February: Magic, Mind & Muscle release for Quid Novi? subscribers only. MM&M retools spellcasters and psionic characters to make them easier to play and to multiclass without taking a major power hit. Character classes get tweaked with an eye toward better balance and more options.

March: Every DM has had that game session where just not enough players can make it. Every player has had that game session get cancelled because the DM can’t make it. What’s needed in these situations is a short, convention-style adventure. In March, we release our first product that has a price tag: The Mad Monk’s Revenge. This one-session adventure includes almost everything needed for play*, including pre-generated characters, player handouts, and props.

*We don’t provide the players or the DM, for example.

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