Wanted: Playtesters & Proofreaders

Do you want a small slice of fame? How about a small slice of fame with a side of free PDF? If so, I need playtesters/proofreaders for three PDFs:

Dodeca Decor: In this PDF there are many tables, 12 of which have more than 20 different dungeon details each. Most of the dungeon details don’t come with any specific game effect. They’re merely decorative or inspirational. In the former case, a merely decorative element may inspire your players into fits of speculation and investigation that lead nowhere. In the latter case, you the GM may have one of those great aha! moments and what started as merely decorative may become functional or even dangerous.

The Swamp Isle of the Croaking Priestess: This short adventure pits the PCs against a boggard army led by the Croaking Priestess herself. The PDF includes full stats for the Croaking Priestess, links to d20pfsrd for quick rules references, tips for running the adventure, and a cross-section map of the isle. Let the blood flow, and don’t fall off your lilypad!

A to Z: All 26 of my A to Z Challenge blogposts are collected in one volume. Edited, revised, and improved, these blogposts feature foes for your PCs to fight, alternate rules, two archetypes, as well as advice, wit, and wisdom.

All playtesters/proofreaders get credit on the table of contents page and a free copy of the completed PDF. If you’re interested in helping, please email me at mark at spesmagna dot com.

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